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Skype Users Invited to the Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Happiness Celebration

Today marks the Coca-Cola Company’s Quasquicentennial anniversary, and the company is celebrating 125 years of “sharing happiness” with a live streaming concert in Atlanta’s Centennial Park. We are proud that Coca-Cola is choosing Skype to help spread the word through an ad placement running today on Skype Home, inviting you to connect with your friends and family on Skype to get them to got to their site to watch the live streaming concert.

Take a peek at the Coca-Cola ad on Skype here.

And, be sure to invite your friends and family to watch the online concert today May 7th from 12:00 PM EDT to 4:00 PM EDT, with special performances from One Night Only, Natasha Bedingfield, Ne-Yo, K’Naan, Kelly Clarkson, and more.

We at Skype relate to “sharing happiness” because that is what so many of you are doing everyday on Skype. So please join us in wishing Coca-Cola a Happy 125th Anniversary, and tune in for their happiness celebration.

And, just in case you are interested in finding out more about Skype’s advertising solutions please click here.

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