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How Do I Add More Skype Accounts To Skype Manager?

Hello. It is Mart “Tram” Abramov here again to continue our discussions about Skype Manager.

Last week, we discussed business accounts and how they differ from a personal account. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can add more Skype accounts through Skype Manager.

When you first create your Skype Manager, it has only one member: the administrator. To add more members to your company’s Skype Manager, you will need to create some Skype business accounts. This is a very easy process and can be handled in one of two ways.

The first option is to begin by going to “Members” —> “Add Members” –> “Create Business Accounts” and entering the email addresses of the employees you would like to add. Once you have done that, each person added will receive an email informing them that a Skype account has been created for them. They will be prompted to click on a link to create their account and to set a password, if one has not already been created by the administrator of your Skype Manager.

Important: If you create an account using this method, the system will attempt to propose the Skype name for your employees based on the email addresses you have entered. It is not uncommon to discover that there are other users with the same name and it is possible that the proposed Skype name may already be taken. In that case, the new proposed Skype user will be prompted to enter a different Skype name. Be aware of this and think about alternatives that are creative, but easy to remember, such as a user’s first initial and last name or adding certain symbols, such as an underscore.

A second option, and one which is much quicker for creating more than one Skype business account, is to upload a Comma Separated Values (.CSV) file that contains all the details necessary for creating a Skype business account, such as employees’ names, addresses, etc. This is a very common way to exchange information. When uploading a .CSV file, you can pre-define important information.

Below is a good example of how to upload a CSV file. Remember, it is very important to verify the format.

Create Business Accounts.png

For Skype Manager accounts that are registered outside of the United States, it is also possible to invite existing personal accounts to join the Skype Manager. Keep in mind that this places restrictions on the amount of control you, as an administrator, have over those accounts and the Skype features that you can allocate to them.

Next week’s topic: What is Auto-Recharge and how do I set it up?

For more information on adding Skype accounts to your Skype Manager and the benefits of creating Skype business accounts please refer to the Skype Manager User Guide.

In the meantime, we want to hear from you. If you have any additional questions about Skype Manager that you’d like me to address in future columns, please leave a comment below.

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