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Skype comes to the NFL Draft

Last Friday, United States football fans were full of anxiety and excitement during the 2011 NFL Football Draft. The annual NFL draft is an event where the 32 National Football League teams name their top picks for football players. Broadcast nationally, we saw this year how the NFL is utilizing Skype video calling, just like the rest of you.

With this year’s draft held at Radio City Music Hall in New York, not all eligible football players in the US were able to physically attend the momentous event. However, with Skype video calling, some of them were able to virtually take part and share the moment with the attending football industry. Take for example, Andy Dalton, who lives in Texas and used Skype to take part in the draft. When selected as the Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback, Dalton was shown via Skype celebrating with his family on his living room couch all the way in Texas. Even more, the Buffalo Bills used Skype video calling on the iPad to show off Marcell Dareus, their draft pick, to Buffalo Bills fans.

We love seeing how Skype is used on broadcast TV, especially during exciting events such as the NFL draft. Leave a comment and let us know how you’ve seen Skype used on TV recently.

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